Important matters matter: 6th Tuesday of the year

The disciples were simple and practical people. There are fundamental things in life that we worry about. Fundamental things are always important because without them we cannot have other things. Life, health and food are fundamental goods. Without them, we cannot have true happiness. They are like the foundations of a building. The whole building is built upon the foundations.

But fundamental things are not the most important. The importance of the building lies in his purpose. It can be a hospital, a school, etc. Health and life is fundamental, but meaning of life, faith, hope, love are even more important.

In today’s gospel (Mk 8:14-21) the disciples worry about the fundamentals. They fear Jesus had noticed they forgot to provide for bread. Too much worry about the fundamentals distracts us from the most important issues. In the gospel, Jesus tries to talk to them about important matters, they misinterpret his message because they are worried about the fundamentals. If we keep thinking about breathing, which is fundamental, we will forget about all other important things in our life. How would Jesus move them from the fundamentals to the important matters?

Jesus tried hard to bring them out of that narrow frame of mind. He reminded them how He “broke the bread” at the multiplication of the loaves and fish. To have enough to eat is a fundamental matter; to learn how to “break bread” is an important one. If we worry about the important matters, God will take care of the fundamental ones. We focus, God provides. If we become obsessed with providing, we lose focus.