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Meet a few of our Milestones

St. Thomas Aquinas: The Smart Guy

  • One of the greatest theologians in the Church, he is known as the Angelic Doctor.
  • Of noble descent, he chose to become a Dominican rather than a Benedictine Abbot, against his family’s wishes.
  • His family abducted him in an attempt to make him change his mind, but failed.
  • He stopped writing and wanted to burn his works after receiving a vision while celebrating Mass, for they seemed to him like straw compared with what he had see.


St. Catherine of Siena: A very active mystic

  • Known as the Seraphic Virgin, her love for the poor matched that of St. Francis of Assisi, the Seraphic Saint.
  • This mystic of the Mystical Body of Christ was declared one of the 33 doctors of the Church in 1970.
  • At six, she had her first ecstasy. Often seen rapt in prayer, she yearned to receive the Dominican habit.
  • She pleaded for the Pope’s return to Rome.
  • One with Christ, she received the stigmata, experienced an exchanged of hearts, receiving Christ’s, and lived for days on the Eucharist alone.


St. Albert the Great: The Genius

  • He wrote on botany, mineralogy, astronomy, physics, chemistry, cosmography and, of course, philosophy and theology, in 38 volumes. He is thus known as the Universal Doctor and the Patron of Scientists.
  • He was a professor and defender of St. Thomas
  • He was so devoted to Our Lady that a biographer called him “the secretary of the Blessed Virgin Mary.”
  • He became Bishop of Ratisbon.


Meister Eckhart: The Spiritual Master

  • A mystic
  • Some of his pearls of wisdom:
  • “All that God asks you most pressingly is to go out of your self and let God be God in you”
  • “We should not think that holiness is based on what we do but rather on what we are; for it is not our works which sanctify us, but we who sanctify our works.”


St. Martin de Porres: Dominican simplicity

  • Accepted as a servant, he gave himself to the lowliest duties in the Dominican house before becoming a cooperator brother.
  • He befriended a doctor who taught him the art of healing and became a famous healer.
  • He passed through locked doors, appeared at the bedside of sufferers, soothed the sick and healed many.
  • Endowed with the gift of bi-location, he was seen in places like Mexico, and even Japan, but never left Lima.


Fr. Bartolomeo de las Casas: The Fighter

  • Like most, he used the forced labour of the Indies to prosper as a planter.
  • Later he saw the mistreatment of Indians and denounced their exploitation in his “Short Account of the Destruction of the Americas”.
  • He pleaded the cause of the natives to the Spanish King.
  • He became a bishop and kept fighting for the defence of the natives.


Fra Angelico: The Painter Saint

  • He is the Patron Saint of Artists.
  • He preached with the brush and expressed the truth through art.
  • His motto was, “To paint Christ, one must live Christ.”
  • The Annunciation was his favourite subject, and he painted dozens of them.


St. Rose of Lima

  •  Rose was the first to be canonized (in 1671 by Pope Clement) in the Americas
  • Patron of the Americas and the Philippines
  • She took a vow of perpetual virginity and emulated St. Catherine of Siena. When she was 20, she received the habit of Saint Dominic as a Tertiary
  • She was adept at needlework and gardening to earn her keep and was active in social work
  • She practised severe penances in expiation for offences against God, the idolatry of her country, the conversion of sinners and for the souls in Purgatory
  • The Lord revealed Himself to her often and when Rose died, many miracles were attributed to her intercession.



St. Francisco de Capillas: The First Martyr of China

  • While still a deacon, he volunteered for the Philippines missions and was later sent to Fujian.
  • He was captured and imprisoned by the Tartars and so impressed his captors with his courage that they became curious about his teachings.
  • While in prison, he converted his jailer and fellow prisoners.
  • He was tortured for days and beheaded in 1640.


Fr. Yves Congar: A theologian

  • One of the leading theologians of Vatican II
  • He was an expert on the Church and ecumenism
  • He was created a Cardinal by John Paul II in 1994
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