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  • Following St. Dominic, the preacher of grace, we seek to contemplate and experience the mystery of God’s salvation in order to share it with those who need it most.
  • We were founded “to devote ourselves to the salvation of others by preaching the Word of God and proclaiming the name of our Lord Jesus Christ throughout the world”. Thus, we are called “The Order of Preachers”.
  • Our charism is to contemplate and share with others the fruits of our contemplation.
  • Because we are sinners, we understand; because we have experience God, we want to tell.

Who is St. Dominic?

dominicface.jpgSt. Dominic was born in the 12th century, a time of changes and challenges very much like our own. As a young student his compassionate character made him sell his priceless manuscripts to palliate the suffering of his hunger-stricken region. The hunger that moved him most, though, was the people’s hunger for God. People were abandoning the Church for lack of proper evangelization. They were starved of God’s message, so Dominic set out to preach to whoever was in need of God’s good news. Knowing that a proper organisation was needed, he founded, after the model of the apostles, communities of preachers who studied and prayed, to communicate God’s saving word to everyone.


Other Famous Dominicans

opsts1.gifAfter St. Dominic, the Dominican Order has experienced the fecundity of the Holy Spirit in many ways. The Dominican charism has produced mystics like Meister Eckhart, Johannes Tauler and St. Catherine of Siena, unrivalled scholars like St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Albert, renowned preachers such as St. Vincent Ferrer, models of simplicity like St. Martin de Porres, untiring fighters for the cause of the oppressed like Bartolome de las Casas, hundreds of martyrs for the faith like St. Peter of Verona, who died writing in his own blood “I believe in God”, Popes such as St. Pius V, Innocent V, Innocent XI and Benedict XIII, artists like Fra Angelico, spiritual masters like Luis de Granada, missionaries like Gregorio Lo (the first Chinese bishop) and Domingo Salazar (first bishop of the Philippines) and many others.

We live…

  • in communities “since whoever does not love the brother whom he can see, cannot love God whom he has not seen.” (1 Jn 4:20)
  • in poverty, because we want to show that God’s riches alone satisfy.
  • in chastity, because our communities try to anticipate the Kingdom, where God’s love suffices.
  • in obedience, to learn to listen and accept God’s plan for us.
  • a contemplative-active way of life because to give we must be full.

What Dominicans do:

  • To present to God what we experience in life, we pray to God.
  • Our prayer includes the use of the Rosary. Tradition has it that Our Lady gave the Rosary to St. Dominic as a means to contemplate the mysteries of salvation. Being especially devoted to our Mother, we keep this tradition alive by cultivating the prayer of the Rosary.
  • To appreciate better what it means to be saved by God, we study.
  • To share the fruits of our contemplation, we preach.
  • To show that the Gospel is fulfilled today among us, we exercise our priesthood in parishes.
  • To permeate our culture with the values of the Gospel, we work in universities.
  • To bring about the Kingdom of God by educating future generations, we work in schools.

Our pillars:

  • Prayer
  • Community
  • Study
  • Preaching

Our priorities

  • Catechesis
  • Evangelization
  • Justice and Peace
  • Mass Media

Many preach, BUT… we are different

the Dominican style of preaching is theological, compassionate, incarnated, prophetic, positive and communitarian.

We preach where the God News is most needed, in the 5 frontiers


  • Frontier between life and death: the challenge of justice and peace in the world
  • Frontier between humanity and inhumanity: the challenge of the emarginated

  • Frontier of Christianity: the challenge of inter-religious dialogue

  • Frontier of the religious experience: the challenge of secular ideologies

  • Frontier of the Church: the challenge of the non-Catholic confessions and ecumenism

Where are we in Asia?

Although the Dominicans are present in every continent, the Province of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary has established itself mainly in Asia. Here is our timeline:

1587 The first Dominicans land in Manila, setting foot for the first time in Asia
1587 April 3, three Dominicans arrive in Macau.
1592 Father Juan Cobo arrives in Japan to head the Dominican Missions there.
1611 The University of Santo Tomas is founded in the Philippines by Father Benavides.
1590-1619 There are repeated attempts to enter China.
1625 The first Dominicans began the evangelization of Taiwan
1631 Fr. Cocchi establishes missions in Fujian, China.
1676 Fr. Santa Cruz succeeds in founding missions in Vietnam.
1748 Fr. Francisco de Capillas gives his life for the Gospel and becomes the first martyr of China.
1935 The Dominican Priory of St. Albert the Great is established in Hong Kong.
1990 Our mission in Korea begins.
1995 The Dominicans are back again in Macau.
2000 We open a new mission in Singapore



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