You are gods! 5th Friday of Lent

“Every man who knocks at the door of a brothel is looking for God,” G. K. Chesterton said. True. But I would add, every one of those wants to be God. Jesus himself quoted the Scriptures, “Is it not written in your Law: ‘I said, you are gods?’ “

The desire to be gods must be a deep one, because the serpent, the most astute of the animals, knew it was man’s soft spot. The one lie with which the serpent could tempt Adam and Eve out of the garden was this : “If you eat…, you will be as gods.”

Like all desires that God put in the human heart, the desire to want to be like God is a good one. What is wrong is the use of strategies that fail to achieve that end. We call those bad strategies sin.

The sin of Adam was to want to be god without God. Jesus shows the right strategy. No man can be god apart from God. Not even the Son can be God apart from the Father.

Who can fail to notice the obsession the gospel of John has for the verbs “abide”, “dwell” and “remain”. That concept opens the key to the mission of Jesus. He shows us how to remain in God, and in so doing, he heals the rupture Adam caused. Jesus abided in the Father and the Father in Him. When His word abides in men… then and only then, can men fulfil the age-old dream of becoming gods in God.


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